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Christine616 started this conversation
Yes, apply to receive a FREE CAR    Simple and completely free.  This non-profite charity is helping many people NATIONWIDE.  Apply for a free car or automotive financial assistance.      Just tell your story, and tell em Christine616 sent you.  Good luck!

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Gatemike
I am sorry but the person u posted to not been on here for some years now. There no resources that we have found that will help with a car are anything to do with a car
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I meet Children in churches and Schools to teach them how to brush their teeth since in the place where i live most of these children have brown teeth due to poor mouth hygiene. i also demonstrate to them how to clean their hands frequently. I teach them morals and Character formation. As i volunteer to do this, the biggest challenge is the means of transportation especially when am going to far places where am needed most. some times i plan to meet three groups of children but i end up meeting one because most time is wasted on the way waiting for Public transportation. i would very happy if u consider my humble request and i a sure that once i get this assistance from you, i will have a big group of beneficiaries. Thanks, be blessed. waiting for your positive response
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Am 35 years old Nun. i love children and so, i move far places to educate children on Personal hygiene, morals and Ethics. i have a problem with transport. kindly assist me with a car to enable me reach many children. to meet many children is my happiness. thanks in advance
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ditto 55
Hi,I really need a car.I have always been a workaholic,but somewhere down the line I lost my life.I started being a caregiver for my family,I now am a care giving for 4 of my grand children and I don't have a car so that I can get another job to support them the right way.I also need to take them to doctor and school projects,please help me so I can help myself and my grand children.thank you for your time,I would love a car for Christmas..P's Christine616 sent me.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to pcooper
Hi the person u posted to not.been in years. I am sorry but there no resources that helps with a free car are anything to do with a car
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Hi I'm P.C. i need a car so i can get to work.i had a car but when my son pass away this year 2014 it stop running .he was the one. who made it run..and now it stop running. it was a 1993 can some help me please
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littlelacie   in reply to faz
Hi, the person you wrote to has not been on this site for years. We do not know of any resources that gives away free cars.
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my name is jim I iam inneed of a free car my legs are weak and I can walk so far I thank you for all the help you can give me
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ditto 55
Hi,This Ditto 55,My story has been on here for 2 years,my story is basically still the same except for I now get food stamps for the kids I am in still in desperate need of a car.I still need help for Christmas.Thank you for letting me write.
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I've never In my life been treated with such indignation. I am so unsure of who can help me  ... Thank you, pennie. Praying for answers


  Pennie Johnson's Signed Affidavit - 

statement of facts- WRITTEN 8/13/2014.   

Just to brief you on who i am, i pride myself on being a good person, i care about things. I try to represent the things that i believe are good and always hold myself accountable, and when i do make a mistake, i try to learn from it and try not to do it again.  I am the person you would trust to watch your small children, i am dedicated to anything i do.  I am honest, I am a great worker, i was raised by my great grandma, so i take extra time with elderly, and a lot of times the elderly who can hardly stand will wait extra time if necessary to come through my line, because i make it easy and i show humanity. i smile and i listen to them.  For that reason, i have so many guests in Target whom  come up to me daily and tell me what a wonderful worker i am. I know alot about the policy's and i am very precise not to break the rules, for that reason the newer employees and some of the older as well  come to me, when they have an issue with the front lanes, cuz i know a ton and i am so easy to understand and i make learning anything just a little bit less of a chore.  To date, I have always came up, and gave them all the things i have found. And because i do so many odd jobs up front, ive found alot of different valuable, whether it be money, gift cards, peoples personal belongings, wallets, and etc. I wouldn't dream of stealing from anyone including my job, which was my livelihood.  I am loyal to Target  without exception. Unfortunately, i am not quite as important to target as they were to me i guess. One day in early August 2014, after i completed my shift for the day, after I was off the clock,  i found a white envelope outside my car,  that had 2 gift cards in it. I only noticed them because one of the cards was literally hanging out of the top of the envolope.   I was in pretty bad shape as far as my finances were concerned, and my son really needed shoes, and so i kept them for a few days and see if anyone called them in to see if they were lost. since i was working guest service for the next 4 or so days i thought id kept an eye open for any lost reports of two gift cards. I was off the clock so i didn't neglect their policy. After about 4 or 5 days i decided to use them. I bought my son, that had started school that week a pair of shoes, a pack of socks, and i bought 2 slurpees in food avenue. The gift card worked fine. No one asked me anything at all on this transaction and i was excited because i planned on getting some stuff to make food with the other gift card because we had no food at . When i got to the register, the girl scanned my stuff. and she asked me the last 4 digits of the card that i was paying with. IT WAS A GIFT CARD.... I remember asking her, gift cards dont have numbers.... where do i find numbers on it? She told me to look at the back, and maybe they would be there.  i flipped it over. And i read her some numbers, and they didnt work. i found on the card small numbers written on the card and i read her another 4 digits that was written on the back of the card.  it didn't work either.  Target stated that they requested to view the card. That is not true. Nor was it the stores policy until just a few days prior to me being fired. I was told that our GSA told someone i was acting odd. That is also incorrect. She was there with me... while we TOGETHER tried to figure out what was going wrong with the gift card. The girl that was helping check me out as well as the employee that was behind her in line, can all tell you, unless specifically told not to by target, cuz they all know no one asked me to give them the gift card. That is all false information.  in the end i gave up. i apologized to our gsa because i didnt have any more money and my gift card had been declined. i told her i would try to call the gift card and see if i could find out what was going on.  i never found an answer. 

I was asked on Tuesday to come in at 515 to work in one spot, which is a job they like me to do cuz I'm willing to crawl on the floor, to get the bottom shelves perfect, n we had our yearly inventory scheduled that night. when i got there i knew pretty quick something was up. Vinnie told me he had inventory in the team lead office. which is impossible, he asked if i could go with him to get it. hes our head AP. when i got there he told me some people wanted to ask me a question. i said okay, there were 2 very well dressed men and a female of the same stature. they asked if i needed anything that target could offer. i told them i had just borrowed from my 401k to pay last months rent. and maybe i needed more help with money cuz i dont know if ill make next months rent. they kept asking me questions at first about what i like about target what my role at target was. what was my favorite work center, they asked me what i like todo at home, what do i like to do out of my home. i answered all of them. but when i got to the out of the home question i answered i hadnt been anywhere but work and home and the geocury store since februrary cuz i just literally cant even pay my rent. and i noticed instantly a shift in the atmosphere. they interrogated me for 2 full hours. i kept telling them i didnt know what they wanted to know, it was as if they were trying to convince me id done something wrong. They told me i used a stolen credit card, which I had not.  Now tell me, who in the heck goes to their work, that they depend on and uses a credit card that is stolen???? I AM A GOOD PERSON. ALL THE WAY TO MY TOES. . i dont even talk to people who do stuff like that. they kept insisting that i was part of this larger plan. that they had a corrupt team member. then they shifted gears, they gave me a ton of information, about something i am sure they were not supposted to share with me. i was scared, still am. What would my kids think, how scared would they be if all of a sudden the swat raids my house. they mentioned that if i get a felony that i possibly could get my kids taken away. they told me that when the case goes public that it will make national news. that it is huge, and no arrests have been made as of yet. they kept on -- and on ... where have i had gotten the gift cards. My answer continues to be IN AN ENVOLOPE.. that's really where I got it.. I guess they didnt believe me. then they started trying to make me say what they wanted to hear... they kept pressing and pressing, and wow. how small i felt sitting there in my ragged ole' clothes that I had worn to crawl on the floor, these men in their expensive suits, pressing me. I had worked at target longer then one of them i believe, and i sat they in my ragged ole' clothing and just bawled the whole time i was there. 2 full hours. it was literally torturous. i kept hearing felony, felony, felony, 

DIDNT THEY KNOW I WORK FOR THEIR COMPANY. DIDNT THEY KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED MY JOB. DIDNT THEY KNOW I WAS A HARD WORKER, THAT I WAS ON THEIR SIDE. I COULDNT EVEN HEAR THEM AS THEY RANTED AND RAVED AT ME.  I WAS LITERALLY AT A LOSS FOR WORDS, DIDNT THEY LISTEN I SAID IT 300 TIMES I GOT IT OUT OF A WHITE ENVELOPE, .. i told them over and over and over.... i dont know who stole the cards. i dont know anything. they asked me when i used the card why didnt i use my employee discount. For one it was because u cant use ur employee discount with a target giftcard visa. and for 2, i really didnt want to lose my job if someone said they lost their card outside target. (actually outside staples, cuz thats where i park), i dont know if you have ever been in this predicament. but there was no way out. they kept telling me to stop lying. saying they could arrest me on felony fraud charges for the shoes. they told me they didnt cuz they could see i was a good person. THEY KEPT TELLING ME IF THEY WANTED TO THEY WOULD PUT ME IN JAIL. OVER AND OVER. I WAS SOOO SCARED. then they told me that they believed that i hadnt done anything wrong or anything criminal, and they thought I was a good person who made mistake. they said that 9 out of 10 of their little 'meetings' with team members such as myself end in the employee being handcuffed and charges filed on them. 


DO GOOD PEOPLE, MAKE PEOPLE THEY BELIEVE TO BE GOOD PEOPLE FREAKING SOB AND CRY AND BEG TO KEEP MY JOB FOR 2 HOURS. AND THEN PUT ME ON SUSPENSION FOR 3 DAYS... APPARENTLY, TARGETS SCREWED UP A LIL THEY CAN PUT ME IN JAIL THEY CAN EVEN SUSPEND ME, BUT THEY CANT FIRE ME ON THE SPOT. THEY WANT ME TO GO BACK TODAY, I THINK NOT.  TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY. AND I WONT HAVE ANY CAKE, I WONT GET A GIFT, I WONT EVEN MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY WITHOUT CRYING.. HOW AM I GOING TO PAY MY RENT THIS MONTH. ONE THING BEING SAID.... I AM A GREAT PERSON. BUT I AM POOR. I AM SORRY. THAT IS MY ONLY CRIME HERE. I mean really what exactly did i do wrong besides find a gift card, i wasnt technically on the clock, it wasnt inside target, and i bought my son some shoes! really! This is pathetic really. I mean i feel like ive worked so hard, been so great at what i do. Truly, how can they just drop me, like i was garbage. I did nothing wrong, didn't I deserve a warning at least? 




New updates since affidavit was written - 

on Monday -08/18/2014

I went in at 12pm like i was asked to do on Friday by Vinnie, when i called and asked if my suspension was lifted. And i received my final pay. I asked for those papers that id signed when i was there that day, i wasnt in my right mind. I was crying, i didnt even read them. And i told them that. they thanked me for that. They told me that they couldnt give me those papers. But that i would be recieving one of them in November when i get my first bill for 10.00.  When i left i was reading over my paper with my final wages on it. Ive added it up 6 times and it seems to me that it is very short what i should have gotten. They were nice, but explained that they really had no choice but to let me go. It was policy. I dont even really know what i was acting terminated for. REASONING... I hope it doesnt say Fraud. Cuz nothing about what i did, was actually fraud. Just simply, a found gift card.


i called in to target today to see if i could come in and get all of my pay stubs that i can only get and print at target. Because i got my pay automatically deposited, and i assumed that i would be there for a long time, i had elected not to recieve the paper copy, and save a tree. Well i was told that, i couldnt just come in a get them. and i would have to call back on Monday. so i guess ill do that. 


i called in to target today, to speak with our HR that i was told was working today and i would have to wait for. Well she isnt in today. Apparantlly shes sick?? She is never sick, but if she is; i hope she gets better soon. - so i went on my TARGETPAYANDBENEFIT.COM

and i went  on their online chat session. Cuz i also wanted to know what day my benefits would end, cuz when i went in on monday 08/18/2014, i noticed on my paystub that they charged me for my dental which is fine. They informed me that my benefits ended on 08/16/2014. i asked them why i paid on the 18th if i wasnt allowed to use my  benefits, and that i broke off a tooth at the gums and i needed  to go in and have it fixed. i have the chat screen shotted, so i can show someone what they said if needed. they informed me that i had to pay for past due benefits. I HAVE NEVER IN OVER A YEAR USED MY BENEFITS... SO WHAT DID I HAVE TO PAY FOR??? I AM  SO UPSET.  and then i asked them about my pay and they told me to call ehr at a 1800# where they informed me i no longer have access to my pay stubs. so how in the world am i going to apgay for unemployment? they  told me that i can give unemployment a 1800# and target can give them that info....SO WHY CANT THEY GIVE IT TO ME? maybe i want records for my own personal record. i dont know but when i went to apply for unemployment they asked for all these records i didnt have. NEVER once did they say enter in a 1800# so i can figure out how much you made for you. I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED. WHY ARE THEY BEING LIKE THIS WITH ME. I MEAN THEY ARE TREATING ME LIKE A CRIMINAL. i am no criminal. and i really dont know what im going to do next. I am So confused by this process. i have contacted like hecka lawyers and for some reason they are afraid to talk to me. TARGET MUST BE A THREAT TO EVERYONE. they Certainly are to me... 

i just dont understand why  this all happened the way it did. 

September 18, 2014- denied unemployment
Oct.21 2014- got a new job. But they require I have a car so I can drop off money at the bank n go to the post office while I'm working. I don't know what I'm going to do but I need a car..... Like tomorrow.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to lovingmother1983
I am sorry but the person u posted to not been on here in years. This place isn't in every state and city. Type ways to work. I don't know how they work the only thing i know about them u got to be working and have at less one child in the home hope this can help.u. also if u need Christmas help look though today post u will see a public post i.put up
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I have three kids I work a hour and eleven minutes away I take a bus that makes me too early for work and get home too late. I have a 8 year old that has asthma and to get around I need a car; please find it in your heart to bless me with a car for my children.
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Hello good day to you and name is William everyone calls me Billy i'm disabled I have Lupus and Sjogrines and graves, i have been out of bed 9 times in the last 40 days, everyday is a good day just some are better then others. About me I'm also dislixic so I have to learn by hearing. Its really a gift from god i'am self taugh in music started playing drums age 8 guitar 12 harmonica 14 and pianio 47 thats my age 47 so just started playing and love it. I was diginosed 3 years ago and it turned my world upside down. I lost my Job then my wife and childern over it. I have 2 childern 2 boys 12 & 14 god i miss them, they moved away to PA and she was engagued before our divorce was even final. I live in IA so i can't afford to go see them. She took everything I worked so hard for my car Nissan Sentra my prised possition a Martin D45 guitar etc: I can never afford another one.I pray for her and its not her fault she just couldn't handle my illness. I now live with my parents it's hard on them i'm very blessed to have them but they liked it better when I was on my own. SSDI doesn't go far with all the Dr bills and meds. I know everything happens for a reason one I belive i'm dislexic to have to learn by ear (listening), I don't waste your talents my mother told me once never waste your God given talants its a sin Billy. On the days i feel well enough i give back to my community I'm into hospice work my focus is on our Vets who have disoranted their familys and friends and on deaths door step with no one to love them except for their God. I take my guitar and harmonica and I play everyting from James Taylor, Jackson Browne, John Melencamp, Jimmy Buffet, Crosby Stills and Nash to the Eagles just to name a few, I can also sing alot like them I have the gift of imitateing people too. I'm very blessed in life so I play down at the homeless shelter during dinners and special occasions. I love it i get so much out of this just talking about it puts a smile on my face. I also teach guitar for the less fortanite, most guitar teachers charge 45 dollars for a half hour, I charge zero zip zilch I will not except money and they get my lessons for an hour not a half hour. My payment is teching someone something that is going to change their life, you can't put a price tag on that it's absoultly priceless. I try to find inexpencive guitars and give them away if my student has proven they're really serious about playing because its not for everyone, some people say oh yah I want to learn guitar but they don't pratice and all i ask is for 15 minutes a day. And I tell them :) I will know if you pratice or not. : ) What and how my Lupus and Sjogrines has given me is everyone is special and have their own gifts aswell. I can learn from every perosn on this planet, I didn't know that before my dignosee. Everyone has something going on in their life mine is learning how to deal with everyday life, I put on a smile and don't complain because people need to be around real positive beings. I want to be remembered as um . . ."Bill was happy go lucky and loves life and everything in it". When i get asked by a Vet please come back or when is Bill playing for our dinner at the shelter again is my reward. I pray for the days when I can entertain.
I live for the day when I can hear people say that they care and love everyone. God Blessing us all.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to almostfamous
It got hearder now u got to send them all kinds of paper work..if.u talk to one.of.the people they will tell u if.u get a car that they come as is. Put the person u posted been on here in.years
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It takes 2-5 years you have to promote 3 people have not received decent cars matt awarded a car transmission fell out the day he picked up the car he was not given another took votes away another got a car it had to have2700 before being driven and another was awarded a Mercedes of all things was in shop week two her free car had to be junked for scrap after 2 months these r supposed to b viable vehicles shouldn't a mechanic be able or hired by free charity cars
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littlelacie   in reply to Rico
The person you posted to has not been on here for two years. I'm sorry, we do not know of any places that gives away free cars.
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Hello I am 47 yrs. Old Born in Puerto Rico and now I live in North Hollywood,California. I recently got internet to watch my Sports. I am on Disability due to what's been called full blown Aids. I was diagnosed 1999, my girlfriend and seperated and been single has been extremely hard keeping up with my doctor appointments I saw this add on the computer and I'm hoping that somebody could help me with a car so I can move around to do my shopping Doctor appointments and all my necessities. I wish that somebody can help me with a car. I am on section(8) and I just found out that there's cheap insurance for low income people since I'm on Social Security I can afford my insurance which is my priority if I can get a car. It will be a dream come true since I cannot safe enough money to buy me a car right now. Your Help and consideration will be greatly appreciated Thank You and God Bless
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sonshinesas   in reply to dames
Sorry that is an ancient post, no free cars that we have found.
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littlelacie   in reply to dames
Hi.The person you wrote to has not been on here for years. I'm sorry, but we do not know of any resources that gives away free cars.
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hi my name is james,i am in need of a car really bad, i am handicap and my wife is sick i have no transportion to get to doctors food shopping no other appointments please help me and i can't afford to buy a car
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