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Christine616 started this conversation
Yes, apply to receive a FREE CAR    Simple and completely free.  This non-profite charity is helping many people NATIONWIDE.  Apply for a free car or automotive financial assistance.      Just tell your story, and tell em Christine616 sent you.  Good luck!

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ditto 55
I have been on here for about 2 years and still haven't gotten any help.My life would be so much better,actually liveable if I had a car so that I can get a job again and live a normal life.We are so very poor right now and if you help us,I know that you would feel good in your heart that you helped someone to help themself,please give me a chance.Cristine616 sent me.
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sonshinesas   in reply to Radiant30
No not at all thanks.
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woman in a shoe
I know all about this one qndu got to hand over all your medical papers and more and u still don't get a car from them. Sorry
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Radiant30   in reply to sonshinesas
Not just high horse...but sour horse. Miserable person?
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Radiant30   in reply to sonshinesas
Because lol its an add that says so. Aidepage for referral links/resources aval,
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Radiant30   in reply to deborahsprayers
Praying for you & family. Praise God for his blessing. Thank you for sharing that testimony. I see original link posted; http://www.freecharitycar... Try web site. You never know. But God is able. In Lord Jesus Christ name, I pray God bless you w/ all good desires of your heart. And same w/ all on here...past, present, future.
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Radiant30   in reply to littlelacie
http://www.freecharitycar...'s ALREADY listed...right? Below post. I think hristine616 listed link already.
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littlelacie   in reply to sireland
we do not know any resources that will help anyone get a free car,sorry.Christine 616 has not been on this site for years.
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Hello, Im a single mother of 5. I work to barely support my family. My children's dad died 5 years ago and I struggle every month. I live in southern California and it get 115 in the summer. We are walking everywhere. The nearest bus stop to where we live is a mile away. 4 of my children suffer from ADHD and we have a lot of appointments to get back and forth to.
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littlelacie   in reply to Dwil
we do not know any resources that will give someone a car,sorry.
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I am disabled and on a fixed income. I recently had surgery that put me out of work for a few months and since this is unpaid leave I lost my car so when I'm ready to return to work I have no way of getting there because I font have a car
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littlelacie   in reply to Fernando1224
Christine 616 has not come back on this site for years.We do not know any resources that helps anyone get a car,sorry.
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Hi, I was Medicaly Discharged from the Army on April 13 og this year.I do get SSDI but this is not enough to get a good car.when i did work,the boss gave my family a car so we can get around.right know the motor is not working the way it has to,the drivers door will not close, I have a bungee cord holding the door some what closed.the back door will not stay open,I ues a broom handle to keep it open,there is no A/C in the car from the day that we got it and we live in FL.
I know there is maney poeple that have very bad stores then we do,butwhat we get is not enough to pay all the bills.We tryed to get a car but no one will give us a lown or the time to get one.We tryed to get a home lown but the same thing is going on.It is hard for my family to do thing,I have PTSD,it has been a fight for me and it is still hard to go out with them and to tell my brain that we are home not over seas.I had both my knees aperated on and my right knee is not doing good.I can not run or do anything that i use to do.I have to have one of my family with me at all time so I will not get stuped and do something that i will get some one hurt.I was the only one that work and know i can not even do that,it is hard for me to stay home and do nothing.I have ask WWP for help and i just had enough, if you can help my family, you will be helping me. If not then i am done,there is no one that will help so i will be done with everthing.and Christine 616 sent me.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to pixb
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for years now but there no resources that will help with a free car are anything to do with a car. I have been helping people with information for over two years on here i have try to find places that help with cars as of right now i still having found any place that will help
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I am retired and bipolar. I was in an auto accident four years ago that totaled my ca and broke my neck. I am recovered but I need reliable transportation to get to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and to church. I have been using the bus but it is expensive ($6 a trip) and unreliable. Please help me with a free charity car donation. God bless.
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littlelacie   in reply to Lovebug9415
hi,the person you wrote to is a minister from Africa who is not able to help.We do not know any resources that help anyone get a free car,sorry.
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Lovebug9415   in reply to gbarzie
Hi I'm 21, single mother. I am in urgent need of a vehicle ASAP please?! I need to be able to get my daughter back and forth to doctors appointments. Also need a vehicle that's good on gas to get me to college, her baby sitters, and home.
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Hello, I'm Bronstine K. Harris Evangelist. I'm in charge of a church congregation in Monrovia Liberia known as faith evangelical Lutheran church Liberia synold. I need car to be able to attend all of my church activities and also enable my family and I get in service on time. Please help me. May God bless you.
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littlelacie   in reply to deborahsprayers
we do not know of any resources that give away free cars.Christine posted on here years ago but has not come back.We do not have any donated cars to give away,we have never given away a car.
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Hello my name is Deborah Nd Chritine616 sent me...I'm presently homeless with my 2yr old granddaughter that I've been raising since birth.I just lost my car,Nd my job of 15yrs is only part time which gives me 556.a month...I've just recently got my section 8 ,but I'm in need of a car a.s.a.p if that is possible. You see I'm a caregiver Nd I need to drive my employer to necessary appointments,arrands,Nd what have you'd..not to mention to obtain another job...I'm a 49yr old mother,Nd grandmother who's made many bad choices but I turned my life around from a life of addiction,Nd being a victem of rape,molestation,Nd other physical abuse...GOD answered a long overdue prayer of helping me from my mixed up life the devil had me wrapped up in...that last day was so so ice cold outside while I was trying to sleep under a ..when I couldn'tfall asleep I got up Nd hitched a ride to my daughters Nd begged to let me sleep...little did I know that GODS hands were in control....I woke up without the need or thoughts of that drug Nd it has been 7 yrs of my new all I do is look ahead Nd aim to achieve some goals that'll have a life changing effect on my life as well as my intentions are to leave something for my kids..I pray that you'll choose me as a person deserving of your donated car because it would save me...I have my grandkids with me Nd a comfortable car would be a great blessing..thank you for your time and patience in reading my story. Truly Deborah Deherrera
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