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Christine616 started this conversation
Yes, apply to receive a FREE CAR    Simple and completely free.  This non-profite charity is helping many people NATIONWIDE.  Apply for a free car or automotive financial assistance.      Just tell your story, and tell em Christine616 sent you.  Good luck!

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littlelacie   in reply to Piamyr
Hi,Christine616 has not been on this site since 2012,and we have no way to contact her.We do not know anyone or anyplace that will help someone get a car,sorry.
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I need a car to get to transplant appointments and other medical appointments also to get groceries for my home.I am a widow and have two sons. One is in nine th grade and one in middle school.Please help me with some transportation.My only income is $16,438.00for 2015 and will be the same this year. We don't receive food stamps and the boy's do get medical care but not through the state. I need your help Thank you so much for your help.,
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littlelacie   in reply to texaspam
hi,Christine616 posted that about a free car and then never came back on here for 4 years now. We do not have information about it and have no way to contact Christine616.and she wrote that:"tell them Christine616 sent you" for people to say.If you can find any way to contact her she might still have some information about it,that was four years ago.
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I am on disability and so is my room mate. We barely make our bills and can not afford a car and we have many doctors appointments and prescription pick ups, let alone going to the store. We can't always rely on friends because .they work, and have their own.lives. Thank you. Christine616 sent me to you.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Topato
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2012. All we can do is give u information where u might get help. I am sorry put their no resources that helps with anything to do with a car. I have look up what she posted about a car there no place.
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Hey Christine616, I'm 21 and am trying to leave my negative family, I have don't have the most caring parents... they say the most vile things to me on a daily basis, ex. You're gonna die alone... I have a job and am trying to safe for a car and an effeincy apartment, but the depression is really unbearable i pay rent there and their storage unit, and in order that he doesn't raise my rent I don't use the television or do my laundry :/ I have to take showers in the bathroom at my job...
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littlelacie   in reply to Myrpia
Hi,Christine616 has not been on this site since 2012. When she was coming on this site,she talked about some site or place where people could apply for a free car.We have no way to contact her and really am not familiar with the site or place she had mentioned. We do not have access to any automobiles.
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I am 62 year olld female who s a dialysis , diabetic,and physically handicapped. It is very difficult to ambulate in the store as well as from the parking lot to the church. My income is less than my expenses monthly . I need to get doctors appointments,the store, and home again so this is why I am requesting a car.
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littlelacie   in reply to beanmachine
Hi,Christine has not been on this site since 2012.she had posted about some site that she had heard about that supposed to help someone get a car. called charity cars.we know very little about it. saw where she told people to say that she sent them.Well,she has not come on here for three years and we do not know how to contact her. If you are able to contact her she may be able to help more.
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Christine 616 sent me ireally need a car I am on disiabilty and can not afford to buy one the I have oa tore up and I have two children and my husband and I go back and forth to the doctor and do school related activities all the time
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woman in a shoe   in reply to brad81
Hi the person u posted to not been on here in sometime now. All we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help. I am sorry but there no resources that gives u a free car. Most the time they not able to help someone with there rent.
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Hi my name is Bradley had a mother cycle wreck in 2003 can't use my left arm an can't feel left side of my neck have a 6 an 7 year old daughter an 1 year old son disabled we have a van but it barley running to get wife to work an get kids to school an appointments an wife to work can't afford much at all just trying to survive if you could help us We would thank you so much
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littlelacie   in reply to SonnyE1
Hi,christine has not come back on this site since 2012,so you probably will not hear from her.She had written about a place at really have never checked it out and do not know much about it, but I thought if you did want to check it out yourself I'd give you the website so you could.It don't hurt to try,so good luck! hope it works.
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My veteran husband, son and I have one car. I have to take them to work and pick them up. They work different hours so its putting a lot of strain on us and my sons car. We have a broke down car that needs engine and an old truck that no mechanic can find out why it wont run. My son wants to go out of town to get a better paying job, but is stuck working in town cause I have to run both of them. Thanks.
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ditto 55
I have been on here for about 2 years and still haven't gotten any help.My life would be so much better,actually liveable if I had a car so that I can get a job again and live a normal life.We are so very poor right now and if you help us,I know that you would feel good in your heart that you helped someone to help themself,please give me a chance.Cristine616 sent me.
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sonshinesas   in reply to Radiant30
No not at all thanks.
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woman in a shoe
I know all about this one qndu got to hand over all your medical papers and more and u still don't get a car from them. Sorry
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Radiant30   in reply to sonshinesas
Not just high horse...but sour horse. Miserable person?
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Radiant30   in reply to sonshinesas
Because lol its an add that says so. Aidepage for referral links/resources aval,
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Radiant30   in reply to deborahsprayers
Praying for you & family. Praise God for his blessing. Thank you for sharing that testimony. I see original link posted; http://www.freecharitycar... Try web site. You never know. But God is able. In Lord Jesus Christ name, I pray God bless you w/ all good desires of your heart. And same w/ all on here...past, present, future.
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