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Christine616 started this conversation
Yes, apply to receive a FREE CAR    Simple and completely free.  This non-profite charity is helping many people NATIONWIDE.  Apply for a free car or automotive financial assistance.      Just tell your story, and tell em Christine616 sent you.  Good luck!

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FlaGirl   in reply to nuphilange;l
" You have to spill your private info " Gee, isn't that what you are doing here? I can't imagine needing a car and then when it is possible to get one for FREE someone would complain about telling the truth about the mess they are in ! So many of all these stories are more than no car & no money & too many children to care for ........ The base problem is a persons mindset & the priorities they have &decisions that they make that leads to where they are & whether they sink or swim. I am sympathetic , but ALL these stories have the same common thread......"I CAN"T "
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but it doesn't pay for taking you to work or kids to school and back. depending where they live and the ages of children some are too close for the bus and hard winters if they are young they cannot walk. this free car thing is not really realistic. you have to spill your private situation to everyone and beg for votes... there has to be a better way
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littlelacie   in reply to Anna Marrietta
Medicaid pays for taxi for doctor appointments.
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Hi my name is Kristin I am from pa my son had numerous health problems and I am constantly having to bum rides to get to and from Dr appts... And due to my car breaking down I had to quit my good paying job for minimum paying job since it was close enf to walk... And I can't afford any big car payments right now due to being single parent hospital and doc bills along with the extreme gas prices people charge me for rides and Baby sitters.. I just want to be able to get a better job again so I can get back on my feet for my son and I. If anyone can help please let me know... Thank u and best of luck to everyone else on here I hope everything will work out for you. May GOD bless y'all
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Tee Mariei
Hi I am in MI in the 248 I have never seen this place or heard of it. U got to which out on here. I do know of a place if u got it in your city u by the car it starts at 100.00 for one from them its call charity motors hope this can help u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to summerlynn
Hi I just seen your post I am in MI u have never seen taking over the charity and 248 is right where I am. But sent u work and have a child see if u got one of these where u live go on line type ways to work its about getting a car I don't know how they work the only thing I know is u got to have at less one child and a job good luck. I try to help who every comes on here. If I don't know right off hand I will try and get the information
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Tee Mariei   in reply to Taking over the charity
Hi no I'm not in Michigan thank you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to whirlbird
Which out don't give any of your information out on this pg tell u get to know the person real good
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whirlbird   in reply to woman in a shoe
the crystal 1977? She just sent me message
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woman in a shoe   in reply to MOM IN NEED FOR KIDS
The person u posted to not been on here for some years now
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woman in a shoe   in reply to MOM IN NEED FOR KIDS
Well I am sorry I have been helping people on here sent last year in all my looking up for people I have not seen a place that given away a car. But do this sign up for low income housing u can sign up in more than one county. Good Luck
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I am a 42 year old mom of 5 kids. There ages range from 13 to 4yrs old. I just had to leave my job and my house cause i wans in a domestic relationship. We stayed in shelter for 4 months we all had to walk everywhere we had to go. We were lucky things were kinda close. Well r time was up there and we got into another place called miss program. I like it here but everything is so far. The middle school is 10 mins away and elemtary school has bus stop. There in a program called boys & girls club were they go after school. Its 30 min walk from were we at 30 mins back with kids. My 4 yr old is out of daycare at time i cant get ride to renue his elc sevices. So he walks everywere with me. Im begging to give this some seriose thought were a family that will walk its the heat im concerned about with my kids. We need transpotation so then i can get my 4 yr old full time in day care and i can get a job. Thank you for you time if u reading my story. I hope for the sake of my kids i get excepted for this.
SisterServant   in reply to summerlynn

You should take your email address off of the public page. Plus, that post is from 2009 and I don't think it will be answered. Only give your person information on the one to one page which is private.
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summerlynn   in reply to Taking over the charity
Hey Nick I am a 19 year old single mom I don't need much in life but I really need a car desperately so I can keep the job I am about to get that took me months just trying to do better for my daughter but I cant catch a brake but if you see this and might can help me help is all I need may God be with you and bless thank you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to dmb3
Hi u am sorry but the person u posted to not been on here in years now. In all my looking for help for people on here I have not seen any place that give away a free car and I have help a lot of people on here been helping sent last year good luck
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woman in a shoe   in reply to dmb3
Hivu got to which who put a Post on here I live in Michigan and that 248 not that far from me I have never heard of this place so be careful
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My family is in need of a family car. My car is being repoed within 4 days. We are low income. Thank you for your help or any help
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dmb3   in reply to Taking over the charity
Do you anyone that can help in va? Low income family. Thank you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Tee Mariei
U welcome
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Tee Mariei   in reply to woman in a shoe
thank you
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