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missvh   in reply to Christine616
I'm a single mother of 3 children, I'm also unemployed, but diligently looking for work. I need some financial help, I have bills totally close to a $1000. Christmas is coming up, and I would like my kids to have a decent christmas. Are there any compassionate and generous people who can help me out. May God Bless you if you are able to help. I do have Paypal. I've told that I'm a decent and honest person. I can show proof of my bills, and proof of my unemployment also. Please get back to me as soon as possible.
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NATUREBOY   in reply to tidwell22
I am a single parent of two daughter. need a way of going cant afford a car cause i dont have any income
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Mother Denise
Hello my name is Denise. I am a single mother of one 1 year old. We have been homeless for close to a year now and its extremely hard to get to the places we need to be. I'm currently searching for employment and need a dependable vehicle to get my child to daycare and myself to work which will enable us to rent our own apartment. It's been so difficult to be strong but I'm doing my best for me and my baby. Please can you help us? Thank you in advance. Christine616 sent me
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my name is aline i am a mother of three children, and a full time student i take six classes in low so i realy have no time to work and get money for the car i have been in school for two years now and my two children just started school and life is becoming very hard for me i have to take a bus everyday and drop them to school before i can come back and take my younger daughter to the daycare too, and after that i also have to go to class my don't start class untill 10 am but i spend all my time taking my kids to school and daycare which has resulted in me getting bad makes in school because i have no time to study if i had a car that will be very easy i could stay in and study instead of me spending all my time in between the buses. please help me i realy need your help good bless you all
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I am the mother of a 25 year old son who has been struggling w'ith illnesses since a child. He has not been able to find a job for two years now. He has med. bills, and other debts that we have helped him with for years. A special diet also. THese things are not cheap. He helps out all of his friends but gets no money for it. He tries to help out people all the time, and scraps to bring in a few bucks. He has been depressed for so long because he has no car to go further out of our town to look for work and has been offered jobs away but no way to get there. He also takes care of his girls' little one who calls him daddy. Please help if you can. A man needs a job for self worth. I can't give it to him, and I thought coming from someone else, it might help. Thank you
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Christine616   in reply to pelszynskij
pelszynskij - Click Here http://www.freecharitycar... to tell your story and sign up for a car. Best of luck to you.
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I need a free car so i can continue my schooling but without a car i cant get to where i need to go to do that oh and Christine616 sent me.
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Hi I'm Meysam from Iraq I came to Australia 1 years ago I was in detentions 8 month because I came illegal to Australia 5 month in Christmas island and then 3 month in was very hard situations for me and my family.Im student at the moment and I not working because I need to improve my english.I married and I have 1 baby 6 month old we are new in Australia we need help if it's possibale.thanks
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Christine616   in reply to ANNABEAR
ANNABEAR, you can sign up for a car and tell your story at http://www.freechairtycar... Best of luck to you!
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Im a single mom of 3 children i have a daughter that is blind in one eye and a daughter that is color blind and a son that is deaf and cant' talk yet and he is turning 2years old im looking for a free car to get around and i have health issues to. i have 2 cancers' and panic attacks and my alll my kids have a learning disorder and i have no money and a bad credit i live in low housing and just need to get around if anyone can help that would be great and i found out that my son mite have atisium please help if u can i cant afford to buy a car with no money
recently come to America, and I have no family, I have no credit history and no longer apply for government financial aid. I work far from home and spend a lot of money for a small rent and transport. I have no money for a car. All would appreciate help. I need a car and I can not afford one in a long time
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Disabled1959   in reply to HBSMimaw
God Bless you 81 years old. What is your secret to still being on the go so to speak. Good Luck on your efforts to get a car. I myself can drive, but not my car at this time because it needs the quickstruts which are $170.00 each, plus labor and tax at the mechanic, and that comes to $600.00. So I know what you mean not being able to pay for a car.

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Disabled1959   in reply to Lovebeingamommy
God bless you. You are being a saint. I would probably take the father to court and try to get his accounts frozen until you get some money from him. It might be worth a try. Good Luck in whatever you do.

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Disabled1959   in reply to missvh
You signed up for what? I hope we are this wesite. I am new to it. I have a lot to learn. Good luck on all your efforts though.

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Disabled1959   in reply to jim601
Jim, You have to have faith. Everyone has different problems or situations that put them in need of a car, such as I do. I'm disabled and on a fixed income, I don't know the outcome of things. I have had it very hard. Keep the faith.

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Disabled1959   in reply to jim601
Jim, tell us a little about yourself. I think you might depending on your situation maybe. Without having anything to go on just the question do you think I will get a car, it is hard to say. Good Luck in your efforts though.
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Disabled1959   in reply to jim601
Jim, I'm sorry that you might be haveing a hard time, but everyone has a different situation. Somebody that is disabled might get a car faster than that of someone who is not. Everybodys situation is different. Hope things work out for you.

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Disabled1959   in reply to Christine616
Christine, It does take a lot time to get things, but at the same time if a person doesn't have anybody to help them with money to get a car and they can't apply for a loan because of poor credit, it gets very depressing.

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Disabled1959   in reply to VGSE
You didn't give information as to if you have an income, either way it is hard when you don't have alot of money and somebody is disabled. I went through the same thing when my mom had a stroke back in 1997, my car kept breaking down. Good Luck. You will be in my prayers.
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